757 – Topics


00:03 Freedom garbage: Ontario election begins, Freedom Party, joking about freedom, hatred and contempt for freedom, unintended compliment, compromising principle, contradiction confrontations, natural divide, Randy Hillier’s political and legal battles, speech restrictions

18:10 Alternative advice: necessity of shaping public opinion before electoral success, Randy Hillier’s conclusion that there is no political solution to political crisis, Hillier’s letter on federal and provincial state of governance, appealing Hillier’s bail conditions, Bill 100, four communist parties in Ontario legislature

38:45 Fear of freedom: federal-provincial Catch-22, using the Covid narrative to justify rights violations, no more comments, freedom as a nebulous concept, definition of freedom, protesting tyranny not freedom

49:00 Ontario’s pharmaceutical future: previous prohibition against political party leaders, today’s issues are existential, ignorance and fear of freedom, long-term plans for more lockdowns and restrictions, Covid political pattern, unsustainable government spending

59:42 END