758 – Topics


00:03 Just venting: deficit spending, elections and democracy, Maxime Bernier in New Brunswick, party leader restrictions on travelling, high percentage refused injections, Trudeau punishing those who disagree with him, Canada only country in world with current Covid restrictions, not pro-Putin, cross country PPC tour, choice not to get injected, Brian Peckford and Maxime Bernier suing federal government over right to travel in Canada, it’s the people not the laws and constitutions, we need an ideological revolution, don’t need a majority, for change vote on principle

20:15 Gung ho: Bernier as past Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bernier as past chairman of the Committee on National Defense, Canada has no justification to be in Ukraine, Canadian media censorship

33:35 Party politics: Emergencies Act, Senate reform, Triple-E senate, democratizing the voting process, proportional representation, making democracy efficient, the case against proportional representation, the wasted vote fallacy, the fallacy of vote splitting

49:57 The lost fourth estate: Trudeau as champion of a free press, bribing favored media through state subsidies, propaganda, state advertising, doing politics differently, Conservative Party still intellectually and morally bankrupt

59:42 END