759 – Topics


00:03 Politics as usual: pandemic ignored in Ontario election campaign, managing the pandemic, pretending the last two years did not happen, no debate on those harmed by government policies, no discussion on whether emergency powers warranted, student access to university and trades, subsidized housing, subsidized electrical vehicles, politicians don’t care, Freedom Party candidates, splinter groups, New Blue, Ontario Party, false claims of being for freedom

12:15 Political variants: review of Ontario political parties, using political party registrations for non-political purposes, taking advantage of tax credits, cluttering the ballot to prevent viable opposition, political freedom of association prohibited by Wynne government, ending political party tax funding, Doug Ford appropriates Freedom Party’s 2018 platform, refuses to adopt due process, history of political party funding corruption, FP Oakville candidate Silvio Ursomarzo grades governments Covid response in media

26:45 Speaking from the heart: introducing Freedom Party candidate Mike McMullen, past People’s Party of Canada candidate, connections to Freedom Party, shopping for provincial parties, choosing Freedom Party, opportunity to learn more about provincial politics, impressions of all candidates’ debates, Progressive Conservatives not attending debates, issues raised in debates, speaking from the heart, issues irrelevant to most voters, almost like pandemic didn’t exist, end nursing shortage by re-hiring fired nurses, establishment parties complaining about conditions they created, public mood, most people fed up with the system, voter apathy, the same BS, some people escaping Canada, politicians don’t represent the people but their parties, Randy Hillier’s influence and role, socialized medicine not that great a deal, government-admitted inability to fix anything, privatize it, wearing a mask, future pandemic plans of the PCs, vote according to your values, vote for freedom

42:30 Why Freedom Party: PPC and Freedom Party parallels, easy transition from PPC to FP to PPC, Truth Rights Justice Freedom, consent is the key, Freedom Party versus the collectivist parties, there’s no together in politics, science abandoned in the name of science, injustices in employment, angry voters, vaccination mandates, Freedom Party history on line, calling for investigation, billions committed to future Covid spending in Ontario, vaccine industry being subsidized by government

59:42 END