760 – Topics


00:03 Live free or die: success defined and measured, New Hampshire Free State Project, politics downstream from culture, influencing a culture, do the math, state motto, access to government

14:20 A measure of success : measures of success, measures of freedom, classical liberal, constitutionalists, minarchists, anarchists, smaller government, minimize the use of force, economic focus, separate state from economy, liberty rating report, who can be most libertarian competition

31:25 Second Amendment shots: New Hampshire gun laws, open carry, no age restrictions, Second Amendment, New Hampshire governor not liberty minded, federal government a lost cause, Ron Paul’s failed revolution, too few liberty loving people

47:45 Projecting states of freedom: seperatist threats have a long history in Canada, Alberta succession, Saskatchewan-Alberta succession, free state versus the tyrannical state, tyrannical state projects, playing the numbers game, free speech and the corrupt media, political journalism in New Hampshire almost non existent, ignore the propaganda, listen to those with journalistic integrity

59:42 END