761 – Topics


00:03 Oh, Canada? ashamed of Canada, igniting a globalist war, regime change in Russia, Canada’s foreign policy not in Canada’s interests, UN controls Canada, Canada in a globalist fog, Canada’s nationhood – over or just beginning, buffer zone, Canada first policy, Canada as follower, Ottawa as a war monger, three conditions before war – volunteer military – moral high ground – in the national interest, no Canadian interest in war with Russia, does Canada have a foreign policy doctrine, NATO becomes an offensive platform, rule based order, UN designed for multi polar world, veto powers for five permanent members

17:20 No Declarations: Minister of Global Affairs – formerly Minister of Foreign Affairs, all about Canada’s role as member of United Nations, no resolutions or votes tabled on military action in Ukraine, proxy war of NATO and European Union, no due process for actions on Ukraine, no debate-no discussion-no definitions, everyone wearing a Ukrainian flag, Canadian hypocrisy on judging Putin, moral right to invade dictatorships, the bad guys are us, Canadians living in tyranny, no allegiance to Canadian government

30:25 Buffer zone: sensitive to the reality of Moscow’s frontier, Canada between Russia and America, memories of the Cuban missile crisis, nuclear age, NATO legitimacy ended in 1991 with fall of Soviet Union, nation states and powers, spheres of influence, security limits defined, the necessity of defining a nation’s foreign policy, nations have permanent interests – not friends or enemies, Britain’s changing alliances, Canadian leaders not conscious of changing world politics, from the British umbrella to the American umbrella, Canadian fog of unconsciousness

45:35 Historical vacuum: defining issues and good and bad guys without any reference to history, proxy war, Canada arming the real Nazis in Ukraine, senior NATO officers held by Putin as prisoners of war, questioning Canada’s morality, Ukraine a bio-weapon producer, Canadian voters always vote their tyrants into power

59:42 END