763 – Topics


00:03 Disarming developments: no gun rights or Second Amendment in Canada, Uvalde shooting causes ignored by media, media resumes gun control narrative after Uvalde, US Congress hearings on gun control, guns or children is a false dichotomy, parallels – gun control narrative – fighting climate change narrative – Ukraine narrative, injections still the main agenda

11:20 Rejecting reality: the shame of Justin Trudeau, gun ownership a freedom necessity, feedback on Serbian weapon controls, growing up with guns, guns as the symbol of individual rights, having the right to use force, violent crime rates – fallacies and realities, evil is the rejection of truth

30:45 The fallacy of gun control: Jim Montag on the fallacy of gun control, guns are a weapon, case studies, the road to tyranny, Hitler’s gun control declaration

45:20 What to do about crime: Gun control does work for the controllers, why all government programs don’t work for the public, Leonard Peikoff’s crime solution, acquired traits of the criminal mind, changing ideas and values that rule America, liberal and conservative failures at fighting crime, reason and reality

59:42 END