764 – Topics


00:03 Sudden Adult Death Syndrome: all roads lead to vaccinations, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), millions of Canadian vaccine injections left to expire, state incompetence at managing markets, law of supply and demand ignored, absorption, Conservatives criticize Liberals for failing to get more vaccines out, travel mandates, irrational rules and regulations, no evidence that masks work, stupidity and evil of politicians

23:20 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Neil Millers analysis of the VAERS database, sudden infant death syndrome created after vaccines introduced, just coincidence say doctors

41:25 Preventative Logic: no such thing as safe and effective vaccine, preventative medicine flawed, no proof of effectiveness possible

48:00 Predators: Pfizer’s predatory child abuse, children cannot consent, concept of vaccine violated, altruism and virtue signaling, predators who want to depopulate the world

59:42 END