767- Topics


00:03 Common agenda: Rogers disruption, vulnerability to electronic services, a review of the week’s crisis events, commonality to all events, intentional and planned, the injection agenda, nature of people behind crimes against humanity, Alex Jones – Reflections and Warnings – Aaron Russo Interview – 2007

19:30 Moral crisis: income taxes are illegal, Ontario income taxes and Ontario’s state health monopoly, flatten the curve, flattening the moral curve, the magnitude of the moral crisis, who cares, no democratic mechanism for caring

36:20 Majority rule is democrazy: enslaving people for the chip generation, essence of evil, sociopathic and psycopathic, end goal to inject chips, democracy is not majority rule, majors and minors, of the people, the importance of language and definitions

48:30 Following the money down the psycho path: evil people, evil agenda, federal reserve, follow the money, tyranny of the majority, natural rights do not exist in nature

59:42 END