768- Topics


00:03 Nuclear plandemic: New York City public service announcement on nuclear fallout, Trump candidacy, plans to set off nuclear device, PSA truth, PSA propaganda, don’t ask questions, trusting the media and public officials, official advice during Cuban missile crisis

16:15 Fallout: a nuclear plandemic, parallel messages with Covid plandemic, why New York, London MetroBulletin 1983 Nuclear Survival Supplement, nuclear exchanges announced in advance, nuclear myths, survival tactics, fallout is radioactive dirt, alpha-beta-gamma rays, taking the PSA seriously

29:50 Nuclear ignorance: many still blind to world crisis, history’s lesson for the willfully blind, perspective on the energy release in nuclear reaction, exaggeration and deception, anti-life ideologies in 1980s, nuclear hysteria and misinformation, absence of government protection

48:00 Unconsumable: Harry Binswanger praises the virtues of gold, gold’s spiritual value, medium of exchange, gold is unconsumable

59:42 END