769- Topics


00:03 Metaphor: What Is A Woman by Matt Walsh, inability of professionals and public to define woman, hardwired to reality, fear and terror caused by denial of reality, following the science of epistemology, truth and falsehood determined by real definitions

14:40 They’re nuts: bathroom sex, disconnect from reality, definitions and language as the software of the human mind, corrupt and corruption, primacy of consciousness, primacy of existence, out of their minds, locked inside their minds

32:15 Gender language: gender in French and German languages, belief irrelevant to reality, confusion of identity with behavior, inability to think, skepticism and mysticism, responsibility of rational cognition

49:05 You can’t handle the truth: essentialist definition, hardwired to the reality being denied, uncomfortable with truth, malignant and harmful terminology, physicians dying in Mississauga Ontario, the dictionary threat, language and violence, from information war to definition war

59:42 END