770 – Clips & Credits


(A) Absentia 206 (Official convoy lie)
(B) Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, March 8 2022, Trish Wood (Trudeau’s hate speech)
(C) Ryan George, July 5 2022 (How some news sites write articles)
(D) Keith Wilson QC, February 4 2022 (Urgent from Ottawa)
(E) Viva Frei, David Freiheit, April 4 2022 (Conservative Party of Canada)
(F) CPAC, February 3 2022, Keith Wilson, Tamara Lich (Restrictions doing more harm than good)
(G) CPAC, February 3 2022, Tamara Lich (Thank you Canadians)
(H) Beverly Hillbillies 508 (Like every other politician)

Hosted By: Bob Metz and Robert Vaughan
Guest: Andrew Lawton