772- Topics


00:03 Staged: corrupt officials, FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, Trump speaks at CPAC, fake news reports, bombshell news bombs out, preoccupation with irrelevant Mar-a-Lago details, not only Trump being persecuted but all Americans, Donald Trump as greatest threat to deep state

15:55 Who counts the votes: cheating in elections, making elections transparent, voter ID, voter registry, proof of stolen election, controlling the ballots, Trump’s direct threats to the deep state

32:10 Priorities: Trump’s threat to abolish the Department of Education, voter priorities with children and family, parental rights, consent, public education system at the root of civilization’s collapse, critical race theory as uncritical racism, freedom of speech fundamental, can’t talk about election

44:05 So what’s your story: Carl Benjamin’s narrative on narratives, FBI bulletin warns of dirty bomb, City of New York’s nuclear fallout warning, parallels between Ottawa freedom convoy and January 6 Washington march, Trump on Putin and Ukraine, death penalty for drug pushers, no mention of vaccines by Trump, Trump calls on elimination of all Covid mandates, predictions abound, Dan Bongino’s meeting with Trump

59:42 END