773 – Topics


00:03 Projection: darkest hour, Donald Trump at CPAC, Mar-a-Lago raid, Andrew Cohen’s script against Trump, no relevant facts in report, political label of Right, political polarity as a pejorative, projection of Left’s crimes on Right

23:15 God help us: hopelessness, leader of Dutch opposition Thierry Baudet, differing publics, no day of reckoning, who won, what was won, nihilists and nihilism, Sam Harris’ Trump Derangement Syndrome

36:05 Prove it: axioms are unprovable, existence, consciousness, contradictions, evidence of the senses, tests of proof, Christianity as a moral system, atheism is not a philosophy, the Left operates on nihilism, hatred of the good for being the good, modernist intellectuals like psychopaths

50:00 The Right script: Left projects its scripted tactics on Right, defeating negative not positive, morality-justice-equality as the Right’s script, nihilism as the Left’s script, love of the good for being the good, no censorship, think

59:42 END