776 – Topics


00:03 Deafening silence: Joe Biden’s dystopian speech not mentioned by fake news media, dystopian nature of all MSM coverage, fake news media oblivious to reality

11:50 Calling for a police state: Open Letter to Trudeau calls for media fascism, hate against journalists and their profession, calling on police to quell criticism, social harm like social justice, when persuasion fails just use force,

31:00 Not right: inability of right wing to defend itself, Ottawa freedom convoy, right wing extremism, left and right, connecting dots between monarchy and police violence

41:50 God Save The Queen: distinguishing royal family from constitutional monarchy, Ontario premier Bob Rae drops allegiance to Queen, tradition and heritage, distinction of British monarchy, a people’s constitution, favor and affection, divisive socialist policies, forced social programs

59:42 END