777 – Clips & Credits


(A) Sliders 506 (The waiting room)
(B) Rebel Media, September 15 2022, Katie Daviscourt (Sustainable region)
(C) Maria Zee, September 13 2022, Mike Adams (CO2 agenda)
(D) GBNews, Neil Oliver, September 3 2022 (The more the merrier)
(E) Maria Zeee, September 13 2022, Mike Adams (Financial crisis)
(F) Press For Truth, September 15 2022, Dan Dicks (Right wing extremism)
(G) Louder With Crowder, September 14 2022, Alex Jones (Libertarianism)
(H) 3rd Rock From The Sun 608 (Beautiful American idiot)

(insert-D) X22 Report 2878b, September 19 2022 (Trump trumpets Q)

Hosted By: Bob Metz