777- Topics


00:03 Unsustainable developments: Leftist accusations of extremism and right wing violence, the sustainable development scam, establishment of state monopoly development, unsustainable tyranny

10:50 De-population boom is a bust: zero population growth, Dr Walter Bock 1989, birth prohibitions, there is no overpopulation problem, no relationship between poverty and population, the greater the population the better, death wish permeates overpopulation ideology

30:22 Fixed pie ideology: money as the root of all evil, money as the root of all good, secret of wealth creation, fixed ideologies on fixed pie theory, state welfare Ponzi schemes depend on increasing populations, what’s unsustainable is collectivism

43:10 QAnon conspiracy: extremism means questioning authority, reclaiming the Right label, libertarian experience, the political label war at the tipping point, mainstream media reports that Donald Trump openly embraces QAnon conspiracies, QAnon accused of being violent uprising group

59:42 END