779 – Topics


00:03 Identifying the symptom: concept of mass formation, Mattias Desmet, Robert Malone, Peter Breggin, deep state operatives, attempting to explain and understand mass psychology

11:20 Circular argument: a profound epistemological truth, Dr Peter Breggin’s interpretation of Mass Formation Theory, Wilhelm Reich’s Mass Psychology of Fascism, Listen Little Man, emergence of totalitarian states, distinction between classic dictatorships and modern totalitarianism

28:15 Never follow the science: ideology more critical than the elite, getting personal, mechanistic philosophy presents itself as science, never follow the science

39:10 Take a note: process of reason vs technocratic rationalist ideology, essence of life is irrational (unpredictable), climate change and the Navier-Stokes equation, determinism and free will, Ayn Rand’s sense of life, facts are not truth, music-art-theatre-sports-comedy, taking a note, faculty of reason, ethical principles for a rational human being

59:42 END