783 – Topics


00:03 Dystopian election: stolen election, the melt-down and desperation of the Left, refusal to accept electoral results,

09:00 The virtue of political polarization: Indivisibles as a collectivist term, right wing extremists, false definition of the Right, necessity of political labels, Nazi projections of the Left, get politically polarized, Left is tyranny, Right is freedom

21:35 Projection: the Paul Pelosi ploy, Los Angeles Times exposes its Leftist bias, no such thing as far right, drifting Right, increase in political violence is a Left wing phenomenon, censoring the truth, masterpiece of fake news excrement,

44:10 The ballot boxed: reckoning ahead, burden on the Right, advance and early voting are signs of electoral corruption, great people – average people – small people, death cult of the Left, Left opposed to morality, politics is force, Red wave, avoiding the fallout

59:42 END