784 – Topics


00:03 Ignorance is no defense: College of Physicians and Surgeons attack Dr Roger Hodkinson, medical permit instead of license, accusations of misinformation, data on deaths caused by vaccinations, early warning from many doctors, first do no harm, full consent, no amnesty

15:30 The coming revulsion: extrapolating the statistics, multiplier of 41, scale of the crime, future consequences still to come, emergence of other political organizations, mass formation or mass dis-formation, common knowledge versus official expertise, anticipated public revulsion

28:50 Moving Right: New Zealand prime minister, setting zero Covid as a goal, international movement to the Right, making Alberta an independent republic, essence of strategy is an info war, planning a failed referendum, no more patriotism for Canada

42:18 Alberta Prosperity Project: Trump’s manipulation by Fauchi and Birx, Trump should apologize, election lost due to Covid, dangerous time for Trump and the world, Alberta Prosperity Project, a society – not a political party, full circle – from Alberta to Alberta

59:42 END