785 – Topics


00:03 Rampant corruption: flatten the curve, inability of health care system to deal with influx, Great Barrington Declaration, herd immunity, Peter McCullough’s work on viral infections, vitamin D, CDC corruption

12:36 Closed shop: cultural shift, single-payer socialized medicine, Canada defined in terms of negatives, medicine has only two components, not a free system, appeals to charity for health care funding, Alberta ripe for two-tier private health care, an industry potential, Ontario’s extra billing bans, inability to staff operating rooms, a closed shop

32:25 State sanctioned murder: College of Physicians and Surgeons, Clinical Practice Guidelines, from guidelines to dictates, off-label drugs, colleges created by governments, no longer protecting the public

47:25 Vaccinations reconsidered: surrounded by death, life is risky, human nature, insular lives, isolation leads to distrust, lack of common sense, a devastating moment for medicine, re-considering vaccines in general

59:42 END