786 – Topics


00:03 People’s voice: Trump announces bid for 2024 presidency, Trump attitude changed, continuing broad lack of awareness of crisis, cryptic remarks

09:00 Socialism is not social: feedback on socialism, libertarian lies, denial of left-right polarity, capitalists against capitalism, big Pharma villains, the fake political spectrum, why socialism is evil, fiction of public ownership, government and state, wealth re-distribution, Q and the hopium of the masses

33:25 What has to be done: Trump’s cryptic warning, Trump’s Q clue, not politics as normal, waking the public up, Trump as the Art of War personified

46:40 Trump card on the table: election integrity, cleaning up the ballot, ballots with serial numbers and voter receipts, political action takes place between elections, frustrations with the Right, progressive conservatives, state is a gun, purpose of government

59:42 END