788 – Topics


00:03 Unsettling Science: introducing Dr Laura Braden, molecular biologist, emergence of the strange virus, made in a lab, told to remain silent, scientific practice abandoned, the science was settled

10:00 Never mention ivermectin: PCR tests, gene therapy pushed on children, mentioning ivermectin, moral obligation to share knowledge, case loads, the fraud of case numbers, asymptomatic, speed of science

24:10 Have you herd the latest? herd immunity, redacted knowledge, changing definitions, herd immunity as key tenet of medicine, Toronto Star, yellow journalism, papers please, experience with Ottawa freedom convoy, placed under house arrest for returning home, public completely ignorant about issues, waiting for evidence of asymptomatic spread, intelligence versus wisdom, lost trust in government and institutions, Justin Trudeau lies, children are going to die, cowardice and a lack of integrity

43:35 Always mention freedom: forgive and forget, no amnesty for those responsible, ruined life experiences, a need for public education, Maxime Bernier and the PPC, National Citizens’ Inquiry, informed consent initiatives, eternal vigilance, freedom as a condition, fragmented freedoms, no such thing as collective freedom

59:42 END