789 – Topics


00:03 Word war 3: communism and Karl Marx, most people unaware of Marxist ideology, the manipulation of language, destroying the ability to think, information war, words and concepts, symbolic representations, truth begins with accurate definitions, censorship

17:30 Just don’t think about it: without concepts thought is impossible, Ayn Rand’s Capitalism, capitalism as the only system geared to the life of a rational being, losing your mind

29:35 Marx’s round triangles: Marxist ideology an epistemological disaster, Isobel Paterson on Marx as a literal fool, changing definitions, adjectivity, stakeholder capitalism is Marxism not capitalism

40:30 Blinded by science: Michael Knowles on why science is fake, literally a representation, Marxists pretending to operate on rational science, measuring reality, center of the universe, universal representation, using words as weapons

59:42 END