790 – Topics


00:03 Unknown ideals: peace is more than the absence of war, peace on earth never a reality, capitalism is the only system of peace, capitalism, stakeholder capitalism, concepts and understanding, capitalists, monopolies, crony capitalism, changing definitions is criminal and dishonest

18:30 Bananas: Roman empire, representational government, banana republics, banana democracies, statism is the root of war, collective hatreds, no such thing as a collective

31:20 Ill literacy: darkness and the light, the light of reason-reality-knowledge, necessity of morality, eroticization of children, whole language, Ontario schools still unable to teach reading, changing definitions and the politics of reading, Isabel Paterson on effects of teaching methods, inability to think

52:55 Epistemological crisis: calls for abandoning politics, government a necessity, government by the elite, purpose of government, function of government

59:42 END