792 – Topics


00:03 Your number’s up: follow the science of epistemology, words, definitions, knowledge, truth, using epistemology to discover falsehoods, abstractions, representation, numbers, epistemology of arithmetic

17:55 Attractive tyrannies: Lex Fridman, Michael Malice, Ayn Rand, the appeal of tyrannies, Iran, polarization

30:50 Prescription for slavery: the missing element, judging merits of collectivism in a vacuum, communism is evil, changing human nature

39:50 Divided we stand; united we fall: Iran’s love affair with America, running from oppression – never towards freedom, Conservative failure to ever move in the right direction, the theory of statism, Ayn Rand’s Credibility and Polarization, anti-concepts, transparency, the Left’s fear of binary polarization, a-political, single issue delusion, the center is on the left, why Just Right and not right wing, the process of concept destruction, the necessity of labels

59:42 END