793 – Topics


00:03 Denial: denial that freedom is on the Right, polarization and political labels, personal experience, world drifting Leftward, definitions and thinking, mislabeled ideology

16:15 The polarization of polarization: Tim Robbins and Russell Brand as lefties on the Right, the fear of polarization, contradictions about polarity, polarized views about polarization, freedom magnetized to the Right, political denial, confusing politics with principles, polarity of political principles as Left and Right, freedom and libertarianism, Libertarian Party of Canada, Ayn Rand on libertarianism, Murray Rothbard and Freedom Party, anarchism, John Hospers

41:15 Force is what is governed: libertarianism and government, no government now, freedom means freedom from coercion, force required to govern force, freedom as a limit and not license

46:55 Radical tactics: Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, winning battles but losing the war, Alinsky’s 13th rule on polarization

59:42 END