795 – Topics


00:03 Integrity: historical record amended, JFK assassination, personal reluctance to believe how corrupt deep state is, history is never settled, freedom to investigate, history constantly being re-written, main issue about integrity

17:05 Omission: no declaration of war by parliament, war in Ukraine, no signs of deescalation, no one asking questions, Putin not mad, acceptance of censorship in free society, censorship always targets truth, January 1943 a pivotal moment in World War 2, January 2023 a pivotal moment in current war, omission greatest lie, battle of Stalingrad

27:40 Fork in the road: Soviets win in Stalingrad, June 6 1944 invasion of France, Roosevelt declares end of empires, Roosevelt’s death suspicious, the Churchill gang, World Bank and International Monetary Fund, Yalta Conference, the fork in the road

44:12 Perpetual state: emergence of unsettling history, emergence of independent states, murder of JFK, Kennedy’s instructions to pull out of S Vietnam, deep state unaccountable and unelected, perpetual war, America as an empire

59:42 END