796 – Topics


00:03 The road not taken: moving forward, review of Roosevelt and the deep state, deep state lies and misinformation, what if Roosevelt had lived, Europe’s two civil wars of the 20th century, decision to support Stalin, freedom’s debt to the Red Army, the Russian rescue of the West

11:20 Ignorant morons: historical vacuum, parallel to Russian actions during American civil war, politicians as ignorant morons, the casualty lists, how Russia saved the world, no eternal allies, no perpetual enemies, Roosevelt as the architect of the United Nations, the political polarity – America and the Soviet Union

27:20 Polar variants: uni-polar and multi-polar as anti-concepts, introduction of the Atomic bomb, 1948 Berlin crisis, who lost China madness, red baiting and the surveillance state, undeclared wars, transformation of America from a constitutional republic to an empire, collapse of the British empire, the ‘America First’ presidents – Roosevelt – John F Kennedy – Ronald Reagan – Donald Trump, seeking monsters to destroy

42:50 The road ahead: future nightmare, German foreign minister announces Europe at war with Russia, the irrationality of war with Russia, empire logic is divorced from ideologies, avoiding the nuclear threat from NATO, a new world order in a multi-polar world, from the Atlantic to the Pacific

59:42 END