797 – Topics


00:03 Freedom is just Right: feedback on Left and Right, historical origins, importance of label accuracy, two collectives at each end of traditional political spectrum, authoritarianism, capitalism and socialism, fascism sits on the Left, capitalists and capitalism, freedom from coercion

26:00 No Right turn: questioning the validity of Left and Right labels, unprincipled conservatives, consistency of the Left, inconsistency of the Right, conservatives avoid being Right, epistemologically disarmed

41:20 Organizing anarchy: anarchism’s intrinsic contradiction, conflict resolution, how to organize anarchy, identifying the correct binary, competing agencies of force, the fallacy of representation, the reality of representation, inherent corruption, government don’t kill people – people kill people,

55:40 Tyranny is always Left: Left and Right represent ideas not people, definitions must be objective and not arbitrary

59:42 END