798 – Topics


00:03 Intelligently artificial: artificial intelligence is fake intelligence, feedback and thank yous, Paul Lambert speaks to Chat GPT, Open AI, Chat GPT on Freedom Party and Robert Metz

22:25 Crocodile tears: artificial learning, artificial narrative constructions, liability for spreading artificial facts about people, artificial vs organic lies, immigration policy, Just Right suspended from CHRW Radio over immigration issue, John Macmurray on unreality, unreal people, selflessness is self centeredness, truth as the by-product of real thinking

41:20 Inconvenient truth about freedom: John Macmurray explains why most people don’t want freedom, history as a struggle to avoid freedom and responsibility, determinism as the base of freedom

46:30 The law of freedom Conservative agenda is Liberal, why Conservatives don’t act as conservative, politicians lie because public demands it, fear as freedom’s enemy, the law of freedom, your freedom is my freedom, fear and mechanisms of self defence, struggle for power as origin of all tyranny, tyranny depends on fear, force of attraction

59:42 END