799 – Clips & Credits


(A) Much Ado About Corona (Mountie 19)
(B) Free Form Friday, January 27 2023, Mark Groubert, Eric Hunley Robert Barnes (Look to fiction)
(C) The Journey of Purpose, BBC 2021, George Orwell (Final warning )
(D) CBC Archives, 2011, Ray Bradbury (Art and reality)
(E) Castle 723 (Writing for truth)
(F) Ayn Rand Institute, 2019, WKCR Radio 1964, Ayn Rand (The function of romantic art)
(G) Jonah Manley (Covidian Lie)
(H) M.A.S.H. 908 (Sick writing)

Hosted By: Bob Metz
Guest: John C. A. Manley (and Jonah Manley)