799 – Topics


00:03 His pounding heart: over-view of Much Ado About Corona, red-pilled Canadians, love of family and community as motivation for doing right, love and fear, web site listings as a gateway for people to follow up on Covid ado, testimonials, therapeutic novel, real source of fear, red pilled on country and family, quick re-programming of public

14:50 Not too late: don’t let it happen, not too late, alternative to tyranny, most people aware of Corona scam, novel characters represent what’s true, selfishness and self interest, greatest evil appears as the good, personal experience with nursing home horrors, emotional reactions to story, feeling the story emotionally, using fiction to promote truth, entertainment industry’s resistance to Covid existence, novel construction and planning, plot twists, beta readers and feedback, getting published, quality of book, self-publishing

30:40 Emotional re-set: We have art that we do not die of reality, humor and horror, people do not fear the virus, people fear their government, Joss Wheadon’s advice to tell a joke, Firefly in tyrannical society, regular people, humor resets the emotion, acceptance opens door to action, good fiction is about ideals, Game of Thrones, discovery of Ayn Rand through Just Right, Atlas Shrugged narrative from philosophical point of view, Ayn Rand increasingly cited in alternate media, benefits at the point of a gun

42:30 Covidian Lie: Guest – Jonah Manley, writing and performing song, Covidian Lie song release scheduled for March 11, availability of book on line and in stores, on-line contacts and info on Blazing Pine Cone Publishing, ordering on Amazon, book in libraries, Canadian content laws for Canadian libraries, potential for movie production, novels as a stepping stone to movie, sequel Brave New Normal planned, future stories to be written, sampling book, Jonah’s World, history will be written

59:42 END