800 – Topics


00:03 Under reported: bringing truth and validation to Covid narrative, analyzing the VAERS data, injections as only solution, major increase in adverse reports, millions dead, under reporting factor, censorship and erasure of evidence on line

12:40 Political agenda: Covid mRNA to be included in routine infant injections, no vaccine is safe, ethics replaced by dollars, no answers about basic safety questions, not about health care but politics, elimination of consent, Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, nihilism as predominant philosophy, doctors lose licences when reporting adverse reactions

27:40 Right and wrong: presidents and prime ministers as puppets, Biden incompetent, media are the menace, failure of the fourth estate, some things are right and some things are wrong, Left as a death cult, tortured for two years, Trudeau is just gross

48:00 Political solution: future forward, running for politics, speaking out, being human, the necessity of right and wrong, Chat GPT on Just Right, Just Right on conservatism

59:42 END