801 – Topics


00:03 Queen of freedom: setting the stage with Christine Anderson, three CPC members and Bernier meet with Anderson, Poilievre labels Anderson’s views as racist and hateful, Germany’s refugee crisis, queen of freedom, sustainable immigration, Poilievre rebukes CPC MPs for meeting with Anderson, Conservative Party as morally and intellectually corrupt, Poilievre celebrates Black History Month

17:05 Pandering politicians: Christine Andersen and immigration, Muslims and Islam, statistics on historical immigration limits in Canada, pandering to ethnic communities, no pandering to foreign heritage, immigration policies, CPC hates individual freedom

30:05 In the political race-ism: an inconvenient truth about racism in Canada, Black History Month as a racist contrivance, Poilievre hiding his own party’s racism, racist agenda behind Black History Month, segregating the black community, skin color qualifies for government subsidy, Black Lives Matter, black history versus African history, George Ayittey’s Indigenous African Institutions, abolishing the word ‘race’ in politics, racism as a political tactic, Left and Right, Collectivism and Individualism

44:35 Conservative no more: distinguishing the PPC from the CPC, politics by polling, politics based on principle, abandoning the conservative label for being a freedom party and a common sense party, Conservative pledge to end laissez faire, majority government no longer possible for CPC, working as official opposition

59:42 END