802 – Topics


00:03 Gestapo: Canada as a police state, politics is force, Thomas Paine, Calgary police, Artur Pawlowski’s harassment at hands of political interests, first to be charged with Covid Nazi ticket, charged for feeding the poor, Christmas protest, no singing allowed, Gestapo simply means political police, political enforcers, corruption to the core

15:35 Gestapo gong show: Canadian truck convoy, most peaceful event in Canada’s history, power of non-compliance, history reminder, police gong show, stripped naked, put in solitary confinement for 45 days, put in metal cages, kidnapped by sheriffs, accused of causing $400 million in damages to economy, still under house arrest

27:30 God complex: trial held without any witnesses, first and only clergyman to ever be charged with terrorism, sermon as only source of court evidence, infringing on government territory, poverty and homelessness as a business, wanting to be gods, making law without due process, worshiping the dictators as gods

40:35 The Anderson test: conservative reactions to Christine Anderson’s visit to Canada, voting for the lesser of evil, Maxime Bernier as amazing statesman, we must replace the evil politicians with good candidates, political pancakes, the immigration trap, we have already won

59:42 END