803 – Topics


00:03 Chaotic certainty: climate change is the political climate change, doctrine of certainty, climate not understood, coupled chaotic climate system, no single equation in dynamic climate system, non-linear, past patterns chaotic, predictions all non deterministic, driving policy decisions

12:45 De-carbonize: agenda against Western industrial behaviour, green colonialism, organic oil, abiotic oil, polar ice caps not normal, irrational belief that climate should be stable, humans adapt, fear mongering to get people to change their behaviour

31:25 Inside the greenhouse: Milankovitch Cycles, solar radiation main source of heat, co2 levels rise after temperature increases, turbulent motion in atmosphere, number one greenhouse gas is water vapor

50:30 Weathering the political climate change: IPPC propaganda, Antartic ice, the hockey stick fraud, pushing policy, countering the false narrative, Covid opened people’s eyes, failed predictions ruin credibility, getting the truth heard, turning the tide

59:42 END