804 – Topics


00:03 Orphans: re-examining the nature of Canada, unconscionable actions of governments, Canada as an orphaned nation, constitutional rights not recognized or enforced, Joe Armstrong’s Farewell the Peaceful Kingdom, Canada created by statute, supremacy of parliament, parliament as sovereign

15:35 Sovereign: Canadian and American contrasts, member of parliament versus representative in government, person-monarch-corporate-institution, British parliamentary system, transition to constitutional monarchy, grants not rights, capitol redress, Canada as one of the world’s oldest democracies, Charter Canadians

31:10 The seven words: Brian Peckford in Ottawa prior to Emergency Act, Canadians reflexively anti-American, Canadian elite prides itself on non-Americanism, derived from the will of the people, one stroke of the pen for people to become sovereign in Canada

45:40 Let’s talk: Freedom convoy 2022, taking back the constitution, Trudeau’s obsession with Charter as a codification of rights, eliminating section 1 and section 33, RIDE programs, sovereignty before rights and freedom, elite defense, opening the discussion, Brian Peckford’s initial response

59:42 END