806 – Topics


00:03 Two cents worth: Freedom Party of Canada, Freedom Party of British Columbia, Surrey BC protests, sexualization of children in public schools, electability of Freedom Party of Canada, confounded by people desiring freedom, tyranny and the patriarchy, blind to Canada’s realities, disturbed by free speech, fake news media

27:15 Trigger: Tommy Robinson’s censorship ordeal, Women’s lib, freedom is the Left’s trigger word, personal encounter with censorship and feminism, Marion Boyd’s deal with the devil, trial of Paul Bernardo and Karla Holmoka, Gordon Domm violates ban

39:00 Trans formation: Trans mobs and trans violence, real target of Trans hatred, self-hatred, angry at reality, changing definitions, impotence, hard-wired to reality

53:40 Binary: binary nature of ses, binary nature of politics, Trans debate about epistemology – not sex, political spectrum, sexual spectrum, illusionary center, changing natures, words are verbal symbols representing reality, the real trans formation

59:42 END