807 – Topics


00:03 Inescapable binary: trans dilemma, trans conflict with reality, uncivilized and violent behavior of trans activists, trans frenzy over words, trans pawns for tyranny

15:45 Trans invisible: Linda Steel and Jodi Vance detached from reality, Day of Visibility kept invisible, nothing trans or sexual about Day of Trans Visibility, fascism on display, mental illness due to programming

31:40 Ultimate Binary: primacy of consciousness versus primacy of existence, megalomaniacal notion that man is malleable and disposable, garbage in garbage out, humans and artificial intelligence

44:40 The artificial human: Elon Musk’s warning about Artificial Intelligence, artificial stupidity, artificial soul, mimicing art, great danger through words, programming AI to lie, power of the people is with technology, making free speech as transparent and truthful

59:42 END