808 – Topics


00:03 Critical mass: criticism being made illegal, Woke culture, trans movement a symptom of Woke, evil and mental illness, Amazing Polly on People Of The Lie

15:55 Sacrificial ideologies: sacrifice and sacrifice, Christianity and sacrifice, different kind of sacrifice, secularism and evil, the virtues of secularism, the nature of evil, Barack Obama’s call for sacrifice

31:05 Scapegoats: Obama’s democracy project, self-hatred, science and religion, authoritarianism opposes all other authorities including moral and religious authority, sacrifice and scapegoating, TRANS-fer of guilt, Vivek Ramaswamy and Don Lemon

45:25 Worldwide Organized Killing Effort: defining Woke, Woke is an anti-concept representing Marxism, Ludwig Von Mises on Planned Chaos, unflinching aspiration for unlimited world supremacy, spirit of tyranny, resurrection of freedom, fascism re-labeled

59:42 END