809 – Topics


00:03 My friend John: Peter Reveen, Robert’s magical experience, 1980 St John’s Newfoundland, hypnotism, The Man They Call Reveen, amazing showman, from physics to psychology to politics, a mass formation phenomenon

13:09 Minds working together: comparison of hypnosis with mass formation, Milgram experiments (1963), shocking results, Kenya pastor arrested in starvation cult deaths, suggestive deaths, Solomon Asch experiments, privacy impacts tendency to conform, today’s loss of privacy

31:07 Do you mind? truth is stranger than fiction, the human mind more powerful than the nuclear bomb, studying the negative behavior of people, the hypnotic pandemic, role of authority figures, feeling good after hypnotic experience, failing to remember hypnotized experience, definition of hypnosis, awakening others from their trance, free will and the conditions that allow for its exercise

43:53 The point isn’t moot: National Citizens’ Inquiry and Bruce Pardy, parliament delegates authority to others, courts defer to authority, mootness, intellectual laziness, individuals delegate their fact-finding to journalists, deference to authority, teaching the workings of the mind in basic education system, the mass psychology of fascism, press for truth

59:42 END