811 – Topics


00:03 Comedy of Eros: E Jean Carroll’s bizarre rape accusations, the politics of rape, Trump’s rebuttal to Carroll, political parallel – Donald Trump and Bill Cosby, unjustly raped in a court of law

14:10 Political rape culture: Carroll’s incoherent narrative, conflating fantasy with reality, conflicting definitions of rape, sex as a political weapon

26:05 Courting the public: Bill Cosby – forgotten rape victim, Rageaholic and Freiheit and Barnes on Cosby’s court case, legal innocence, moral innocence, Cosby’s evil accusers, Cosby targeted due to his conservatism, me too fascists, Cosby’s deposition, the drug question, move from legal courts to court of public opinion, Cosby and Trump parallels, our history of Cosby coverage

43:20 Bi-polar political disorder: Trump’s CNN appearance, Trump as a divisive force, Trump as a unifying force, cooperating with the evil Left, the truth is divisive, disconnect from reality, stupid people and evil people

59:42 END