814 – Topics


00:03 Just great: release of the Great Awakening, philosophical insights, Freedom Party of Ontario and Just Right Media, Mikki Willis, review of issues covered in Great Awakening

14:12 O Canada! Canada as exhibit A in tyranny, red flag warnings, red Canadian flag, misrepresentation of historical roots, so what’s wrong with socialism, socialized medicare in Canada not wanted, Ontario Progressive Conservative socialism, socialism disguised as altruism, G Edward Griffin, two sides of globalism, national sovereignty

38:35 Graduated degrees: voting for lesser of evils, nature of political parties, political parties are private associations, political spectrum, more freedom through less, Left and Right are a binary polarity

53:20 Staying awake: fear as a motivator, fear as a demotivator, rules and principles irrelevant to the Left, the Left always gets bad Marx on philosophy, states of anarchy, waking up, staying awake, eternal vigilance, carry the truth

59:42 END