815 – Clips & Credits


(A) My Dinner With Andre (The same direction)
(B) Steven Crowder, June 8 2023 (Right wing extremists)
(C) Dr Olga Ravassi, June 8 2023, Col Douglas Macgregor (Ideologues of the Left)
(D) John Anderson, Dec 7 2022, Melanie Phillips (UNreasoning)
(E) Jordan Peterson, June 5 2023, Robert F Kennedy Jr (Troubling direction)
(F) Fox News, June 8 2023, Mark Levin (Trump indictment)
(G) Maria Zeee, June 5 2023, Professor Ian Plimer (Left is mentally ill)
(H) Bill Maher (Climate change science)

Hosted By: Bob Metz