815- Topics


00:03 Just Left: world moving politically Leftward, broken political compass, fake political spectrum, radical-liberal-centrist-conservative-reactionary, questioning the political spectrum

11:03 Ideology: ideologues of the Left, terrible dilemma, ideology and religion, Ayn Rand defends political ideology, anti-ideology, religion as philosophy, awakening to the political polarity, the extreme center, the missing link on the spectrum-freedom

28:30 Primary motivations: the primacy of consciousness, primacy of existence, faulty premise of the Left, Jordan Peterson and Robert F Kennedy are Leftists, equity and Marxism, attempting to reconstitute the Democratic Party, cognitive dissonance about the Democratic Party, indictment of Donald Trump

52:20 Psycho-illogical: Leftist ideology as a form of mental illness, cult of Marxism, failing to see freedom as a political issue

59:42 END