816- Topics


00:03 Word: in the beginning was the word, importance of words and definitions, feedback, primacy of consciousness, existence exists, faith, axiomatic concepts, no such thing as nothing, axiomatic concepts as the foundation of reason, existence is identity, consciousness is identification, identity politics, abstractions, Larry Alex Taunton

20:57 Truth is a tyrant: truth is knowledge, mischievous information, never learning from history, Hitler as politically incorrect, little Hitlers

36:19 Disappointing: political polarity, potential Hitlers, when ideas matter more than people, Leftist ideologues operate on primacy of consciousness, Objectivists losing the plot

44:57 Dangerously articulate: divine nature of the word, Jordan Peterson on free speech, in the beginning, path of truth, supremacy of the word, why freedom of speech is an issue, how to spot a liar, demands for proof, blinded by science, road to truth paved with accurate definitions, the non-existence of CJBK AM radio

59:42 END