819 – Topics


00:03 60 years on: John F Kennedy’s Peace Speech – June 10 1963, significance of Kennedy’s speech in context of today’s nuclear war crisis, speech marked an inflection point in Kennedy’s relationship with military industrial complex, nuclear test ban treaty

11:50 Was Kennedy naive? historically false view of America, Soviet perspective of American foreign policy, Cuban missiles removed in conjunction with Turkey’s missiles removed, Kennedy as a military hawk, Cuba as a domestic issue, the missile gap, Kennedy as a naval military hero

28:00 Demonization: America and Russia never fought against each other, Russia normally an American ally, Kennedy speech ignored by media in Western news, Kennedy uncensored speech given great prominence in Soviet Union, peace as a rational end for rational men, peaceful co-existence, peace and freedom, persistent demonization of the other

42:40 Evil forces let loose: Pope John 23 sent emissary Norman Cousins to both Moscow and Washington, Cousins as editor in chief of Saturday Review, demonization of Russia going on today, Kennedy’s recognition of Russia’s losses in WW2, murder of Kennedy as a victory for the deep state, Western world has devolved since Kennedy’s day

59:42 END