820 – Topics


00:03 Cultural downstream: disinterest in history, nuclear war, nuclear family, protest music of the 60s, US proxy war, where have all the flowers gone, on edge of nuclear war, the West is a degraded society, no protests against today’s wars

13:00 Age of affluence: post World War generation richest in world, growing up under mushroom cloud, VietNam and the peace movement, birth control pill, feminist movement, implosion of the nuclear family, culture of narcissism, study of history diminished, culture of death, no more ultimates

26:50 Conscriptive prescription: iconic movies, no concern over nuclear threat, Whig party history, early protests against war were conducted by the Left, the draft and conscription, Left and Right as perceived by public, Nixon ends the draft, peace movement fades away

42:45 Politics is war: Trudeau and Biden, bedrooms of the nation, icon-free, free societies respect individual rights, victors impose their values on the vanquished, narcissistic culture, conscription is slavery, democracy betrayed, winner takes all, information war

59:42 END