821 – Topics


00:03 Impositions: selling war is show business, politics is war disguised, war is politics undisguised, all’s fair in love and war, democracy and majority rule, democratic dilemma, imposing values, imposition of freedom, use of physical force in politics, force is what is governed, moral governance, Turning Point USA

17:00 What is democracy: Tucker Carlson on democracy and free speech, various definition of democracy, democracy as freedom, democracy as tyranny, government of individuals by individuals and for individual rights, the science and the democracy

38:20 Let liars lie: never censor the liars, absolute rights – free speech and gun ownership, Freedom Party of Ontario, winning all the battles and losing the war, voting about consensus not consent

52:15 Epistemological battlefield: define or be defined, interpreting democracy, ends and means, question authority, limiting democracy, sacrifice, constitutional limitations, alethophobia, truth as a condition, freedom of speech, the science and the democracy

59:42 END