823 – Topics


00:03 Trumped up charges: preventing Donald Trump from speaking out, trumped up charges, National Post propaganda article, Trump’s guilt all in his mind, believing in known lies a contradiction in terms, disregarding the truth, Trump has evidence of treason against his accusers

20:20 Representative misrepresentation: stealing election announced in advance by Left, stolen election bragged about in mainstream media by Left, right to petition government to redress a grievance, Canadian parallel, violence the sole domain of the Left, use of force – Left and Right, representative democracy, representing interests, group identities, crony, rhetoric

36:05 Back to the binary: Trump accused of dividing America, political polarization, binary choice at polls

49:30 Spectrum: Left and Right still misunderstood, Yaron Brook’s abandonment of the Right, political spectrum an illusion, economist myopia, economists make for poor politicians, efficiency and profit, Trump on free trade and trade barriers, effective political action

59:42 END